Fault Finding

In this case the satellite dish is a distance from the house because of trees. New WF100 size twin cables were fitted during 2013 and laid in heavy duty alcathene piping. My customer began having problems recording programmes from the satellite receiver. The fault was eventually found below ground level as the piping emerged near to the property. As you can see, one cable completely chewed through, we suspect, by a rodent!!


If you have any receiving equipment modified in any way, make sure it is done correctly. A Sky box was continually 'resetting itself' . The box had been modified by a BARB engineer (TV audience research) The fitted cable, looseiy draped across the circuit boards was jamming underneath the 'back-up'  button, causing the problem. 

Any signs of water running down the coax cable causing a rusted wall plaste or cable connector?

With our damp weather conditions, Water causes all sorts of problems. Can you see if there Is there a cover missing from either the aerial or booster amplifier below it?









Have splitter units designed  for use  inside the property been used on the outside instead?

Do you have any cheap 'Y' splitters joining cables together?


























Is your chimney bracket held on with  'bailing chord' or 'washing line', instead of the correct catinery lashing wire?














Is your Satellite dish bracket  old and heavily corroded. Is the dish crumbling at the edges?

Has your satellite dish's mounting pole snapped?

Is your cable joined and covered with PVC tape?


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