28th April 2021 – Freeview Channel Changes

 We loose the Now 80's channel, its being replaced with Now 70's available on LCN 76

Source: cordbusters.co.uk

GB News channel coming soon on LCN  236, launch imminent.

Satellite change: DW English switches to HD on Astra 1M

On December 1, Deutsche Welle switches its satellite transmission for DW English on Astra 1M to HD

Please tune into the new parameters:

Position 19.2° East
Transponder 68
Frequency 11,778 GHz
Polarization vertical
Symbolrate 29,500 Msymbols/s
Video standard DVB S-2

We recommand an automated search so your receiver can scan the satellite to list DW.
Please note that your receiver must be HD ready in order to decode the video signal.
The SD signal will be terminated on January 1, 2021!

4 Nov 2020 – Channel Changes 

On 4 November 2020 changes to some channel numbers will be taking place.

This is to comply with requirements published by Ofcom as part of a review of prominence for public service broadcasting. Details are outlined in their statement on changes to the EPG code.

For more information on why these changes are taking place see:

There will be no changes to the broadcast hours, coverage or content for these channels. 

You will need to retune to update your TV to keep your channels and TV Guide up to date. To find out more about retuning watch our handy retune videos.  

Watch retune videos

What's changing…  

For viewers in Scotland only:

Channel  Current position  New Position 
BBC Four Scotland  55  24 
STV+1  33  34 

For viewers in England & Wales only:

Channel  Current position  New Position 
ITV+1  33  34 

For Viewers in Northern Ireland only:

Channel  Current position  New Position 
TG4  51  52 
RTÉ One  52  53 
RTÉ Two  53  54 
UTV+1  33  34 

Nationwide changes:

Channel  Current position  New Position 
ITV4  24  25 
Yesterday  25  26 
ITVBE  26  27 
ITV2+1  27  28 
E4+1  28  29 
4Music  29  30 
5STAR  30  31 
Paramount Network  31  32 
Sony Movies  32  33 
Pick TV  34  35 
QVC Beauty  35  36 
QVC Style  36  37 
DMAX 37  38 
Quest Red 38  39 
CBS Justice  39  40 
Sony Movies Action  40  41 
Food Network  41  42 
HGTV  42  43 
Gems TV  43  44 
Channel 5+1  44  45 
Film4 +1  45  46 
Challenge  46  47 
4Seven  47  48 
Sony Channel  48  49 
TJC 49  50 
Sony Movies Classic  50  51 
5 Select  54  55 

Source: https://www.freeview.co.uk/help/4-nov-2020-channel-changes

20th October: Loss of ITVWales channel 103 on very old Sky boxes, still in use, but no longer subscribing. Reason:  Your very old Sky Card was originally formatted with the defunct HTVWales region this has now been deleted from the Sky data base. The card needs to be replaced with a newer ITV Wales region formatted card.There might be one in a spare box that you or a friend has.You'll need to power down the box first, change cards and switch on again, the 'searching for listings' will fetch in ITVWales on 103. Otherwise remove the card and you'll have the default BBC London and ITV Central & Channel 4 channels with S4C on 134, BBCWales on 952, BBC2wales on 971, unfortunately ITV Wales is not on EPG so has to be added seperately. 

If you still subscribe to Sky then contact them, they'll probably upgrade you to the new SkyQ system, as they no longer support SkyHD or Sky+ or the original Sky boxes.

20th October:

FreesatHD: Your regional ITVHD channel moved into the channel '103' slot (it was the odd one out previously displaying a standard definition picture  when BBC1 & 2 ,S4C & Channel 5 displayed HD pictures). If the channel is now blank you will need to retune your freesatHD box.

17th September 2020:

Sky Arts now available on Freeview channel 11, lots of music concerts and documentaries . you may need to retune your device to receive it. Pick TV moves to channel 34 to make way for it.

BBC iPlayer for Radio app to close this month – RadioToday

The BBC will withdraw the iPlayer for Radio app this month in a bid to move users over to the newer BBC Sounds platform. The latest app update for BBC Sounds means it now matches the major features and functionality of iPlayer Radio, and with nearly 1.9 million weekly signed in users, BBC Sounds is used by more people than the old iPlayer Radio app.Source- radiotoday.co.uk (6th Sept)

BBC to switch off Red Button information service in 2020

The BBC is to switch off its Red Button teletext service from the start of next year, the broadcaster has confirmed. Ceefax, the BBC's analogue teletext service, finished in October 2012 with the switchover to digital. Source- www.theguardian.com

Source: Digital UK: Retuning Events

Wales Region

17th July - Also changes to Bronwydd Arms relay near Carmarthen plus Erwood relay near Brecon and Greenhill relay.

Cwmgors relay

Movement of all Multiplexes to UHF channels: 30, 31 & 37 from channels 24,27 & 21

17July 2019

Cwmtwrch relay

Movement of all Multiplexes to UHF channels: 32,34 & 35 from channels 24,21 & 27

17 July 2019 


South & Central Wales (Major movement of All multiplexes to UHF channels 23,26,29,33,36 & 48 from Channels 60,53,57,54,58 & 49)

17 July 2019 

Kilvey Hill

Swansea area Movement of PSB Multiplexes to UHF channels: 21,24 & 27 from channels 23,26 & 29

17July 2019

Burry Port relay

Movement of all Multiplexes to UHF channels: 29,31 & 37 from channels 49,58 & 54

17 July 2019 

Pontardawe Relay

Movement of all Multiplexes to UHF channels: 33,36 & 48 from channels 49,58 & 54

17 July 2019 


Cardiff, Newport and south east Wales.

Com7 moves to channel 55 and G1 to channel 31

19 June 2019 

Aberdare (some relays only)

parts of Cwmaman, Fernhill, Mountain Ash and Penrhiwceiber

15 May 2019

Kilvey Hill

the Swansea area

15 May 2019 

Pontypool (Usk relay only)


15 May 2019 


Cardiff, Newport and south east Wales

15 May 2019 

Source: Digital UK: 700MHz Clearance Events

Following a decision by Ofcom, spectrum in the 700MHz UHF band currently used for digital terrestrial television (DTT) is being reallocated for the development of future mobile services. Some DTT multiplexes will be moving to new broadcast frequencies as a result of this change.
Engineering work for the 700MHz Clearance Programme will take place at transmitters across the UK between 2017 - 2020. Freeview viewers (and those with other services that use Freeview channels, such as YouView) will need to retune their TV equipment when changes take place in their area. Details of the changes to transmitters will also be reflected on our coverage checker at digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker.

Q1 2019
27 February 2019
Moel y Parc – main station and some relay stations
Q2 2019
15 May 2019
Aberdare – some relays stations only
Kilvey Hill – main station and Rheola relay station
Pontypool – Usk relay station only
Wenvoe – main station and some relay stations
19 June 2019
Kilvey Hill – some relay stations only
Wenvoe – main station and some relay stations

12th June 2018; Broadcasters collaborate to secure future of free-to-view TV

The collaboration between BBCITVChannel 4 and network operator Arqiva – the four shareholders of Digital UK - will see an investment of £125 million over the next five years to build on the success of Freeview Play, the UK market leader in free-to-view connected TV. Alongside the ongoing support for the Freeview platform, new developments will include a mobile app and improvements in content discoverability and navigation. Since launch in 2015, more than three-and-a-half million Freeview Play products have been sold in the UK from brands including Panasonic, LG, Sony, and Toshiba, accounting for 60% of smart TV sales. The service gives UK viewers a seamless combination of live and on-demand content all in one place with no monthly subscription.

Digital UK will lead on implementing the new strategy, focusing on product development and working closely with sister organisation, Freeview, on a refreshed marketing approach and brand positioning. The new investment will help Freeview exploit the trend towards ‘cord cutting’ as viewers build their own ‘skinny bundles’ combining free-to-view TV with low-cost streaming services. Since 2016 Freeview has grown its base of main sets by over a million homes to 11.4m cementing its position as the UK’s largest TV platform. Around 19 million homes watch Freeview on either the main or a secondary set.

Key areas of development will include:

  • A new mobile app enabling viewers to access live and on-demand content on a range of smartphones and tablets, launching later this year
  • Restart functionality allowing viewers switching on mid-way through a programme to watch from the start using catch-up links built into the Freeview Play TV guide
  • Improved navigation through voice search, and further evolution of the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) on televisions.(Source: DigitalUK)

May 1st 2018: Sky Channel Number Changes: (source: SKY)

• Documentary channels will be moved up the TV Guide to sit alongside Entertainment channels

• +1 channels will be listed in a new menu on the TV Guide

• +1s from Entertainment & Documentaries move to new linked channel numbers (e.g, Sky One - 106, Sky One+1 - 206)

Currently most HD channels in the TV Guide are listed alongside a standard definition version. Our HD Channel Swap feature ensures you always receive the best quality version of a channel at the higher position in the TV Guide - if you have access to the HD version, we give you the HD version first by default.

On 1 May, we'll be moving the second listing of the HD/SD channels to a new section of the TV Guide in the 800s.

for futher info.: www.sky.com/channelchanges

April 2018:  700MHz Channel Clearance (Wales) (source: DigitalUK)

Following a decision by Ofcom, spectrum in the 700MHz UHF TV band currently used for Freeview (digital terrestrial television DTT) is being reallocated for the development of future mobile services. Some DTT multiplex channels will be moving to new broadcast frequencies as a result of this change.
Engineering work for the 700MHz Clearance Programme will take place at transmitters across the UK between 2017 - 2020. Freeview  & YouView viewers will need to retune their TV equipment when the changes take place in their area.This will affect our main transmitters and their relays. In some cases television aerials may need replacing.

Details of the changes to transmitters will also be reflected on our coverage checker at: www.digitaluk.co.uk/coveragechecker.

Llandonna: Q4 2018

Blaenplwyf: Q4 2018

Preseli: Q4 2018

Moel y Parc: Q1 2019

Wenvoe: Q2 2019

Carmel: Q3 2019

20th February 2018:

Channel 4 HD will no longer be provided on FreesatHD from Thursday 22nd February but will continue in HD on SKY and Freeview platforms!

The channel has been on air for over a decade, but it seems that they no longer need to broadcast to the whole of the UK public in HD. Channel 4 is a public service broadcasting channel that pays for the programs it broadcasts using the iad-breaks.   

However, it seems that it can fork out £75 million to steal The Great British Bake Off from the BBC but can’t afford to show the channel in HD to Freesat users! The High Definition channel has always been part of the Freesat HD line up.(source;ukfreeTV)

12th July 2017: Source DigitalUK

The Freeview TV guide will be updated and expanded on Wednesday, 2 August. The change is designed to increase capacity for the launch of new channels in the future and to help minimise risks around minors viewing inappropriate adult content. Some channels will be moving to new numbers and viewers may need to retune to ensure they have the latest channel line-up, where equipment doesn’t do this automatically. A list of the specific channels changing numbers will be on the Freeview and Digital UK websites . 

7th June 2017:  Source: www.a516digital.com

Various Freeview channel changes this summer necessary to fill empty channel slots, culminating in a major reshuffle of children's, news and adult channels on 2nd August 2017

"Blaze"  has moved on Freeview.
The channel, launched in 2016, has moved to Freeview channel 80 as part of a reshuffle to fill empty slots on the EPG. The Blaze+1 channel,  is only on-air for a limited time overnight - has moved to Blaze's old channel number, channel 83.

"Quest+1" is increasing its Freeview broadcast hours, so that it can be accessed during primetime on channel 92. In order to achieve this, it has moved to a new frequency. It will be sharing Freeview bandwidth with Hochanda,the arts and craft channel which will now close at 7pm. 
To benefit from this change  Freeview users may need to retune their Television or set top boxes if the devices don't automatically make the changes. 

April 24th 2017: Source: www.a516digital.com

Extra Freeview TV channels could soon be launched in South East Wales with a new digital multiplex planned for the Cardiff area.
Broadcasting group 100% Media has just acquired the unused rights to UHF channel 30 from Cube Spectrum Holdings, who won the rights in an Ofcom Auction in 2009 - one of only two ever completed in the UK. The frequency will be used to broadcast a new multiplex of channels - available to Freeview households in the area.

The group is also planning a brand new Welsh TV channel to sit alongside its regional 100% Radio brands already on DAB, as well as extra national TV stations not yet on Freeview in the area.

1st March 2016:

Watch Home on freeview LCN channel 25

Home is the UK's only TV channel dedicated to inspirational home and gardens programming. It's packed with some of the best lifestyle programmes from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 such as DIY SOS, Escape To The Country, Homes Under The Hammer, A Place In The Sun: Home or Away, Restoration Man, and The Hotel Inspector. It also features fantastic content from America, Ireland and Australia as well as our own commissions made for channel such as My Dream Derelict Home, Make My Home Bigger, Fantasy Homes By The Sea, and My Flat-pack Home.

With programmes featuring a wealth of talent and expertise including Nick Knowles, George Clarke, Kirstie Allsopp, Amanda Lamb, Alan Titchmarsh, Simon O'Brien, Jonnie Irwin, Gordon Whistance, Jenni Falconer and Sarah Beeny, there is always a programme on which will inspire you, entertain you and give you some great ideas to decorate or makeover your home.

Please note 'Dave Ja Vu'  previously on LCN channel 25 now moves to LCN channel 84.

You may need to carry out a retune of your Television or Digital freeview box.

15th February 2016:

BBC Three is now only available on-line via the internet

3rd December 2015:

UKTV, which is a commercial joint venture between BBC Worldwide and Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc and who provide 11 branded channels have announced today 3rd December 2015, that three of their channels will be on Freesat "later this month".UKTV’s CEO Darren Childs said, "We work hard to secure platform deals that give more people our channels, and ultimately grow UKTV’s footprint. Freesat viewers will be able to watch gripping history shows on Yesterday  channel 163, some of Britain’s finest, critically-acclaimed drama channel 162. content on Drama, and unbelievable real life stories on Really channel 164. As UKTV continues to invest heavily in new shows, there’s never been a better time to have access to our channels.".....but strangely not DAVE. Source: UK Free TV

1st October 2015:

Your TV (LCN channel 78) and Your TV+1 (LCN channel 79) Mon-Fri. 0700 - 0300

Rupert Murdoch’s Fox UK is to launch its first ever free-to-air channel, YourTV, in the increasingly crowded market aimed at female viewers. Visit www.yourtv-uk.com

The channel will air programming including the UK premiere of Corrupt Crimes, Snapped, US legal drama Shark, Don’t Tell the Bride and Baking Good Baking Bad. (Sources: Freeview and theGuardian.com)


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