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Real Digital Satellite TV service                    

What Satellite and Digital TV Magazine        

Satellite Finder / Dish Alignment Calculator    

Satellite Transponder information       

TV/Radio masts +Transmitter Radiation patterns

Transmitter information:      

Proposed Engineering Works:


Terrain Mapping                   

Street Map (for co-ordinate conversion)     

UK Broadcast transmission                    

DXTV-William Hepburn's Worldwide Ducting forecast:

Radio Caroline           

 Oystermouth Radio,Swansea 

The Registered Digital Institute (RDI) is happy to announce their new consumer website is due for launch in September 2012

For more details on this go to

You can also visit our news archive at

IT Support-ITCS Computer Services, Bridgend:

 Ofcom Mobile Phone Base Station Database :



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2019 UHF spectrum clearance for mobile broadband services - you may have to retune your Freeview receiver

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Digital UK

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