Installation of various Aerials for Television and Radio














 Installation of various aerials to allow you to watch either ‘Freeview’ or 'Youview' on your television or set top box.

Listen to FM or DAB radio clearly from your hi-fi system.

Please note, the number of 'freeview' programmes, 'DAB'  and 'FM' channels received depends upon where you live and whether you can receive signals from a relay mast or main transmitter.

Price Examples (inclusive of labour/ best quality materials)

Wall fitment into 1 room from £120; Chimney fitment into 1 room from £160; Amplifiers allow, extra £30. Feeds to extra rooms, allow, £60/room plus cable.




















Seasonal Problems:  Thunder and Lightening: 

If a lightening storm is imminant, for safety's sake, Please switch off and un-plug Televisions and ancillary items. Carefully unscrew /unplug aerial and satellite cables from said devices or from wall sockets. 


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2019 UHF spectrum clearance for mobile broadband services - you may have to retune your Freeview receiver

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Digital UK

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