Builders - Property Refurbishments

Are you a local building firm that requires an aerial or satellite dish to be moved and set up temporarily while the necessary maintence / building works are carried out and then returned to the original spot at a later stage ? please contact me, i can help. Please read and understand 'Out of Thin Air aerial and Satellite Services's'  Terms of Business. 








Price Examples: removed from wall and aligned onto scaffold inc. temporary brackets and waterproofed cable extensions @ £35 per satellite dish. Satellite dish refitting onto newly rendered /insulated  wall and cables clipped/tied  neatly in position @ £45-£60 plus cost of any materials used.

Property Landlord

Are you are a landlord that requires the aerial and satellite system in your property to be checked over or modified in any way for your new tennants? please contact me, i can help.

New Build Homes

If you are going to have a new home built, or one gutted and referbished, I can design a complete system to fulfil all your viewing and audio needs; utilising what ever media you require from, 'FM' and 'DAB' Radio to High Definition ‘Freeview’,  or  'Freesat'  or 'skyHD' Plus iP-TV 'streaming' services; Surround Sound / Sound Bars and wireless Hi-Fi, dependent upon your budget.



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2019 UHF spectrum clearance for mobile broadband services - you may have to retune your Freeview receiver

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Digital UK

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