Installation of various Satellite Dishes

Installation of Satellite dishes and receivers for either a chosen ‘Sky’ package* subscription or a ‘Freesat’ installation from the same satellite, using the same dish – 'sky' isn't the only option! .   "Believe in Steve"!

*Sky services provided under licence from a scheme offered from one of my suppliers 'Aerial and Cable Ltd. Cheltenham

Price ExamplesA new Mini-dish with Quad /LNB and single cable supplied  into 1 room from £135 or Twin cable to enable a HD-R recording receiver to be connected, from £145

Additional Satellite Channels and Broadband by Satellite

I can also install motorised systems or multi-feed offset arms to receive various foreign language channels from other satellites for example: Astra 1 and Hotbird or Astra 2 and the irish Saorsat service at 9 degrees east.

































For those of you with very poor landline Broadband speeds, especially in the more rural parts of mid Wales, you may wish to consider high Speed Broadband via Satellite.












Seasonal Problems with Satellite: 'The Summertime Blues'

The peak of the growing season for our trees causes alot of problems:

This time of year trees are continually growing up and their foliage gets denser by the hour. Whilst it looks beautiful, it causes us huge problems If the trees are to the south, infront of the satellite dish. They attenuate and block out satellite signals, sometimes intermittantly as branches are temporarily blown across the signal path. It may even affect some channels more than others, dependent on their transmission strength and signal polarity. The attenuation will be worst when leaves are wet. The astra II 28.2E satellite which we need is fairly low on the horizon in the UK as compared to the two other main european satellites Astra I 19E and  hotbird 13E. 

What can we do?  We can possibly fit an offset type or longer, thicker pole, fit a larger satellite dish or look for an alternative location around your property to attain a decent signal, but unfortunately we might be on a time swallowing, hiding to nothing!

We would advise you to try and find out who owns the said trees and explain the situation. As long as they aren't of a protected variety, the services of an Arborist or professional tree surgeon might be the answer to see if they can be cut back safely without any unnecessary damage.

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2019 UHF spectrum clearance for mobile broadband services - you may have to retune your Freeview receiver

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Digital UK

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