Enhancements or Modifications

  • Are you about to move the furniture around in your lounge? Do the cables to the TV, Sky or freesat box need extending?
  • Falling to sleep on the sofa infront of the lounge TV? arrange for Out of Thin Air to relay SKY to the bedroom TV.
  • Have peace and quiet to watch the Soaps - arrange for Out of Thin Air to  set up another TV for the children in another room.
  • Don't miss your favourite shows while cooking - arrange for Out of Thin Air to set up a TV in the kitchen.

Price Examples:

New cable from a Satellite dish's 4-way LNB* or an existing TV aerial ** into 1 room parts and Labour from £75.

**TV aerial extensions might need an additional amplifier; cost from £30 either on the aerial mast or in loft dependent upon set-up and signal strength.

*If you haven't a 'freesat' TV you will require a satellite receiver  to receive the signals - New budget 'f'reesatHD' receivers from £50

Sky RF out extension from older Sky boxes, including a remote eye  and set up from £85.

Please note, all new SkyHD boxes no longer have this RF out facility on board. To continue relaying Sky programmes around your house, as before, you will have to purchase an I/O RF link module. Typical cost @ £20 


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2019 UHF spectrum clearance for mobile broadband services - you may have to retune your Freeview receiver

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Digital UK

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